Rouhani reveals an American plan to eliminate the Iranian regime within 3 months

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Thursday accused the US administration of planning to eliminate the Iranian regime within three months, while referring to his country's increase in uranium enrichment operations more than before.
Rouhani said in a televised speech, that "the American administration planned to eliminate the Iranian regime within 3 months and failed," warning that "between war and peace, a single bullet and its launch could ignite war in the region."

Rouhani stressed that "uranium enrichment is more in Iran today than it was before the signing of the nuclear agreement," noting that "today there are no restrictions on the Iranian nuclear program."

Rouhani indicated that Tehran did not withdraw from the nuclear agreement, and asked the rest to compensate, otherwise it would reduce its obligations, pointing out that the American speech changed towards Iran to a large extent after the missile strike that Iran directed to the American bases in Iraq .

He explained that "the United States of America wrongs everyone, attacks everyone and crushes everyone's interests, but no one dares to bomb their camps with missiles as Iran has done ... perhaps some countries issue warnings and threats, but to shake their military base and force them to retreat from their threats and make the Pentagon alert throughout the night." This is important .. The American dialect towards us has changed and has retreated after this blow to a large extent.

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