Iraq informs the Iranian embassy of its refusal to bomb military headquarters on its soil

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced its refusal to bomb any military headquarters on the country’s lands by Iran, considering this action as a violation of sovereignty.

According to the statement of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Iranian embassy has informed its refusal to bomb military headquarters on Iraqi soil, and the ministry’s statement stated, “Against the background of the Iranian Islamic Republic bombing camps inside Iraq that include Iraqi and non-Iraqi forces, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq this morning. Corresponding to 9/1/2020, and it was delegated by the Acting Chargé d'Affaires, Musa Tabtabae, because the ambassador was in Iran on an official mission.

The ministry added in its statement that "the Chargé d'Affairs was informed of the refusal of the government of the Republic of Iraq of these attacks and considered a violation of Iraqi sovereignty, as well as calling on all parties concerned to show restraint, and not to make Iraq a battlefield to settle scores, and it was confirmed that Iraq is an independent country, and that its security The interior is given priority and attention by adults, "according to the ministry's official website.

Iran had targeted two military bases, including the "Ain al-Assad" base days ago, with dozens of missiles, in retaliation for the assassination of the commander of the Quds Force, Major General Qassim Soleimani, in a US raid by a drone, targeting his car near Baghdad International Airport.

The commander of the Iranian Air Force, the Revolutionary Guards, Brigadier Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, announced today, Thursday, that the Iranian forces launched 13 missiles, and the confrontation with the United States was expected to continue from 3 days to a week.

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