Trump: We will impose more economic sanctions on Iran

US President Donald Trump denied, on Wednesday, any injuries or casualties in the Iranian bombing of US military bases in Iraq.

Trump said in a press conference held with security leaders at the White House: The early warning worked well and contributed to protecting our soldiers from Iranian bombing yesterday, indicating that we will impose more economic sanctions on Iran in order to modify its behavior.

He added: Qassem Soleimani directed the last attack that killed an American in Iraq and masterminded the attack on the American embassy in Baghdad, noting that we killed Qassem Soleimani, the number 1 terrorist in the world, and he is responsible for killing and wounding thousands of our soldiers.
He continued: The countries of the world have endured Iran's destabilizing behavior in the world, and the time for this behavior has passed, pointing out that Iran funded terrorism through the funds it obtained through the nuclear agreement.

He explained: We must work with the major powers to formulate a new agreement with Iran to make the world safer, and the comprehensive plan of action expires in the near future, which gives it an opportunity to try to produce a nuclear weapon.

Trump said: I will ask NATO to engage more in the Middle East, knowing that Iran has caused tremendous damage in Yemen, Lebanon and Syria.

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