Economic is the announcement of the parliamentary budget deficit, "a government ploy" .
Saturday, November 29 1 / Okrudolf 2011 12:37

Twilight News / I went back to the economy and investment representative, Saturday, repeated the announcement by the parties in the Iraqi government for a year and a deficit in the budget, "a government ploy", indicating that this deficit is covered by oil prices, which have seen big surges in recent years.
A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment House Mahma Khalil's "Twilight News", "the announcement of a deficit in the budgetary sphere and repeatedly by the ministries, shall set the budget is to trick government to collect more money for the treasury of Iraq."And Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his last province of Babylon, the expectations of lower earnings Iraq's financial year 2012, pointing to a global economic crisis in Europe and the United States causing damage to the Iraqi economy, as he emphasized that next year will see the development in the sectors of electricity and oil.
Khalil said that "Iraq has great economic potential, and needs to manage its burdens economists believe the market economy and abide by the constitution, which stressed that the economic process run away from the central, according to the principle of economic freedom."

A report by a British interview that the deficit is expected in the draft Iraqi budget proposal for 2011 and the estimated amount (12 billion dollars) could be turned into a surplus in the event of global oil prices continue to escalate.
The report issued by the International Center for Development Studies, based in the capital of British London to increase the capacity of Iraq's production of crude oil, which amounted to approximately (2.6 million) barrels per day in addition to increasing global demand for energy will revive the Iraqi economy in a clear and significant.
Khalil and that "in the budget deficit has been covered through the differences of cash provided by oil prices, which in recent years have seen a significant upward."
Economists believe that a modern-Maliki announced a new financial crisis bordering on the horizon indicator of the economic situation that Staish the country during the next year, and argued that this confirms the need to review the plans of the current economic of the country to ensure activation of all economic sectors and promote the work in the private sector, especially with the massive expansion the public sector, which began draining state revenues.