A source in the Exxon Mobil chairman Rex Tillerson will visit anticipated during the next two days to Kurdistan to meet with President Masoud Barzani, the notification message from the administration skyrocket on Contracts for the company in the region.

An official external contracts in the company that Tillerson would visit, he described the job too, to the Kurdistan region during the next two days to resolve the issue of contracts that have exacerbated the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil, stressing that the director of the company will carry with him a letter from the U.S. administration to give the green light for the company and the province to move forward with the implementation of contracts the six that have been concluded with the province and that the threats of al-Maliki is not of little effect because it does not have the ability to prevent the company Kosherktna that stands behind senior officials in Washington and with a strong influence on al-Maliki himself, according to Tillerson, stressing that the company will proceed according to data from the current beginning of next year the implementation of three decades in the disputed areas out of six decades.

He explained that the upcoming visit will be of positive outcomes for Cherkhwalakulaim not reflected in the transaction of imports due to huge financial oil extraction and marketing.

The U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden held a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, expressing his annoyance of the government's adherence to the Iraqi position about Exxon Mobil, calling Maliki that does not deal with the company and as if a match for him, and expressed surprise at the lack of recognition Aovernmahibparwaah contracts The company signed with the Kurdistan region.