Rapporteur of the Parliament: Today’s season is “extraordinary” and holding the violators accountable to the demonstrators is not our competence

Parliament Speaker Khadija Ali said Tuesday (October 8, 2019) that the session of the House of Representatives, which he intends to hold today, is "extraordinary" because she will vote on the decisions of the Speaker of the House, Mohammed Halbousi, noting that the punishment of the violators on the demonstrators is the prerogative of the Ministry of Interior.

Ali said in an interview with (Baghdad today), "The meeting of parliament today is exceptional because it will vote on the decisions taken by the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbousi after discussion with the deputies."

"The demonstrators demanded their legitimate rights, and assaulting them is a crime against the people, and deterrent measures must be taken against those who caused the deaths of more than 100 people, in peaceful demonstrations."

She explained, "deterrent penalties awaiting the violators on the demonstrators, and this is the power of the Ministry of Interior as the executive authority."

She pointed out that "the previous days have been ongoing sessions between the President of the Parliament and heads of political blocs, and heads of committees, and pledged to attend the meeting."

In the past seven days, the capital Baghdad, along with other provinces, witnessed popular demonstrations against the deterioration of services and the spread of unemployment and corruption, including violence that led to the deaths of more than 100 demonstrators and a security element and the injury of thousands, while the three presidencies launched initiatives and promises to respond to the demands of the demonstrators.

Some areas of the capital are still witnessing heavy security, especially in roads and intersections, especially those cut during the demonstrations, while the authorities reopened the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and the Internet service was restored.

Article Credit: https://baghdadtoday.news/
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