The Kurdistan Region is about to activate and expand its representative in Baghdad

In parallel with the improvement of relations between Erbil and Baghdad, during the past period, the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad, Faris Issa, on Wednesday, to re-activate the work of the Kurdistan Regional Government's representative in Baghdad and expand, and work to build a strong bridge of communication between the governments of the Kurdistan region and Iraq.

Issa, in a statement to (Pasnews) "has been activated the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Baghdad after years of suspension of its work, and we are currently building a strong bridge of communication between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the new Iraqi government, where the parties reached the fact that a comprehensive solution to the problems accumulated Between Erbil and Baghdad, lies in dialogue. "

He added, "The Kurdistan Regional Government will restructure and organize the administration of the regional government in Baghdad in order to activate it more," adding that "we are trying to be an umbrella representative of all Kurdish representatives in the authorities (legislative, executive and judicial) and all Kurdish political blocs and parties in Baghdad, in addition, To monitor and follow up the agreements between Erbil and Baghdad, and to resolve all obstacles, if any, in accordance with the Iraqi constitution. "

Indicating, that "will be a number of specialized people and experienced in the representation, to activate and strengthen a strong coordination between Erbil and Baghdad, in addition to the start of contacts with all the Kurdish and Iraqi blocs, to get their views on any issue related to the Kurdistan Region, because the ninth cab of the Kurdistan Regional Government seeks To make all departments and institutions operate on an institutional basis. "

The tension that has occurred in recent years in relations between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad to suspend the work of the representative of the regional government in Baghdad, but the improvement of relations at the present time require the activation of that representation again.

Since the new Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi took over the presidency of the new federal government and the visit of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Masroor Barzani to Baghdad and before the visit of Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani to the Iraqi capital, there has been a clear breakthrough in relations between Erbil and Baghdad Mahamad to address a set of outstanding files between the two parties.

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