With the participation of Iraqi and German businessmen and businessmen "The opening of the German catalogs exhibition in Basra

BASRA / NINA / The German Catalog Exhibition held by the German Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce in Iraq and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened at the Basra International Hotel (Sheraton) in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce A large number of contractors, industrialists and businessmen from both the Iraqi and German sides.

Basra Governor Asaad Abdul Amir al-Aydani said in a speech during the opening ceremony, it is delightful to find the Iraqi visual sector in cooperation and cooperation with the German liaison office to manage such an important event in the province. As a local government, we welcome their entry and cooperation with the private sector to promote the commercial and industrial status of the province.

He added , "We started advanced steps leading up to other provinces to rebuild Basra, and we will be supporters of the companies sober and businessmen and the private sector, stressing the progress of Basra will not stop until the city is described Jewel of the Arabian Gulf as it was described previously." He praised the role of German companies in Iraq and the industries sophisticated and discreet.

Little The exhibition will offer services in the fields of medicine, oil and gas, energy, legal advice, health care, waste recycling, road construction and housing.