Minister of Planning confirms the Iraqi government’s keenness to support foreign investments

Minister of Planning confirms the Iraqi governments keenness to support foreign investmentsPlanning Minister Nuri Sabah al-Dulaimi, on Thursday, the Iraqi government’s keenness to support foreign investment, while discussing with the group “Track” Korean stages of the completion of the projects “cities Habbaniyah and Basra.
The Ministry of Planning said in a statement received by Alsumaria News, “The Minister of Planning chaired today, a meeting with a delegation from the Korean group TRAC in the capital Seoul, during which they discussed the stages of work in the projects of the new city of Habbaniyah and the new city of Basra, and ways of government support to facilitate the work Company in all provinces. ”

“The government is keen to support foreign investments, especially for companies that contribute to the development of national capacities and provide job opportunities,” the ministry said.

The ministry said, “The meeting discussed the need to establish a rail transport line between the province of Baghdad and the new city of Habbaniyah, which will be opened during the month of October next, and ways to strengthen and sustain the services of the city’s structures, which will include environmentally friendly factories, universities and modern institutes, training centers and specialized development, and a number Of hotels, recreational facilities and sports fields. ”
Jung Moon, chairman of the Korean track group, reviewed the projects implemented by the company, stressing the group’s keenness to “transfer the Korean experience in building residential complexes for Iraq and providing them with smart services, and through that in order to provide more jobs.”

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