The House of Representatives sets the date of its first session of the third legislative term

The House of Representatives has scheduled its first session during its third legislative term, which begins on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Al-Sabah semi-official newspaper quoted the head of the parliamentary legal committee MP Mohammed al-Ghazi as saying that "the third legislative term will begin with a meeting of presidencies and the holding of committees, which is constitutional, while the first session will be after the tenth of Muharram."
Al-Ghazzi said: “It was scheduled to hold the first sessions of parliament for its new legislative term (today Tuesday, September 3) but because of the month of Muharram, the session will be postponed until after the tenth of Muharram, in addition to the convening of the Conference of Asian States hosted by Iraq today and also there Meetings of Presidencies ”,

He added, "The delay of the sessions for several days is constitutional, especially since the parliament has extended its legislative holiday by a month to complete its laws at the time," noting that "the legislative chapter has begun (Tuesday), but the difference in the days of meetings."

He continued: "Chapter III will be on controversial laws, and the first law to be discussed by Parliament, which will be sent from the Legal Committee is the abolition of the order (67) on the establishment of offices of general inspectors," indicating "the existence of a political agreement on the abolition of this law, as well as the law of oil and gas and the Federal Court And other laws carried over from previous sessions. ”

He pointed out that "the subject of special grades in the process of completion," ruled out that "the government is dismissed, but may witness the questioning of some ministers only."
Controversial laws.

In addition, the member of the House of Representatives Ali Mounis Al-Ghanmi that "will be the controversial laws in this chapter, especially the priority of the people to the House of Representatives, to be discussed and then read first and second reading, as well as laws were deported from previous sessions, which are important and need to pass ”.

Al-Ghanmi said: “The House of Representatives has in each legislative chapter an agenda of important laws and its main tasks, so the key role during this chapter will be supervisory and legislative, both of which must be achieved in each session and chapter and in each legislative year,” indicating that “interrogation of the government It will be one of his priorities, especially if a year ago for the work of the government, so the deputies form observations during this chapter will include hosting or interrogation of ministers or officials who are under the control and supervision of Parliament.

He added, "The supervisory role and observations of some committees are important, as well as the findings of some gentlemen MPs through research, disclosure and investigation, which the government should have a role."

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