Parliamentary bloc calling for Maliki's government to resort to legal Westerners to challenge the UN resolution .
Sunday, October 30, 1 / 2011 10:58

Twilight News / called white cluster of Iraq, Sunday, the Iraqi government hired international law firms to argue on appeal against the decision No. 833 on the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait.
A spokesman for the Iraqi bloc white high Nassif in the reported statement of "Twilight News", "This unfair decision on the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait, a dangerous precedent is the first of its kind in UN history, due to the fact that the decision was taken without the presence of the representative of Iraq officially ".
She drew Nassif, "Many international companies specialized lawyers, legal advocacy on issues related to international conflict is possible that Iraq is one power of attorney to plead in order to appeal against this decision."

The spokesperson for the Iraqi white that "this would be a step that will restore the rights of Iraq's full, without any complications and difficulties that may stand in the way of diplomatic efforts, as well as save time."
The Security Council passed Resolution No. 833 in 1993, under which the demarcation of the border between Iraq and Kuwait, and the granting of the last land was under Iraqi control in the past and that the adoption of the findings of the team demarcation of Kuwaiti-Iraqi border and to consider its decisions on demarcation final and request the Security Council commitment to this decision and not violation of the bilateral border between Kuwait and Iraq, including the maritime border.
Iraqi observers and confirmed that Kuwait has benefited from the UN Security Council resolution No. 833 in the exploitation of untapped oil field Saybah lack of control on the Iraqi field, one of the largest gas fields in the region.