With the participation of 120 companies .. Minister of commerce opens the exhibition and conference reconstruction of Iraq in Baghdad

Trade Minister Mohammed Hashim al-Ani inaugurated the Iraq reconstruction exhibition on Tuesday at the Baghdad International Fair in the capital, with the participation of 120 Arab and foreign companies.

"Al-Ani, inaugurated the exhibition and conference (reconstruction of Iraq) for building materials, infrastructure, electricity and water, which started on Tuesday, on the ground of Baghdad International Fair with the participation of (120) specialized Arab and foreign companies (Iraq, Germany, Italy, India, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, UAE and Azerbaijan) and the presence of House Member Haitham Al-Jubouri and the Minister of Housing, Construction and Public Works and Municipalities. "He said.

"We at the Ministry of Trade affirm our commitment to supporting and developing the private sector in all directions and enabling it to be successful as an active partner in implementing the development programs and long-term plans that the government seeks to implement through its government program," Al Ani said in a speech at the opening of the exhibition. "Stressing that" the government's approach is to seek decisions on the interests of this sector in all its forms in the manner of consultation and the involvement of those involved in the resolution and listen to them directly in order to find a sound solutions to all issues. "

He added that "the ministry plans to continue to encourage the private sector and not only imports and stands with each work aimed at the participation of the private sector in many areas and are familiar with the work of this sector and the challenges facing it," praising "the initiatives of the Iraqi Economic Council in support of the private sector and improve the reality And its involvement in the economic process and encourage and activate it to achieve companies with the public sector gives him an active role in this development witnessed by large sectors in our country has long been the Economic Council to give priority to the private sector and efficient national economic experiences, which constitute an important pillar for us And the growth of any of the countries' economies. "

He stressed that "the establishment of joint projects that allow this vital sector to contribute to the formulation of economic policy and build its own capacity after the States impose full control over economic and commercial work," stressing that "seeking to establish such forums in order to interact with the world's development In the field of information and communication technology and various fields that allow the Iraqi economy to take its natural role among the economies of the world by playing a role by signing agreements and understandings and memoranda of cooperation.
"The exhibition was organized by the Egyptian pyramids company to organize the international exhibitions, which will continue until Friday, 14/6/2019," said Hashim Mohammed Hatem, Director General of the Iraqi Company for Exhibitions and Commercial Services.

"The establishment of such exhibitions helps the central government and local governments to reach out to international companies and deal with them and address them to implement many of the construction and construction projects and to know the latest technological developments in the field of manufacturing equipment and municipal machinery to keep pace with what reached the world to achieve what the citizen aspires to Of urban and municipal services. "

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