Iraq and the World Bank are discussing supporting the government’s plans for reconstruction and economic development

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Finance Minister Fuad Hussein intends to discuss future cooperation between Iraq and the World Bank in light of the priorities and needs of the Iraqi government.

The finance minister arrived in Washington today and discussed with World Bank Group President David Malabas the role of the bank in supporting the Iraqi government’s plans for human development, sustained economic growth, reconstruction of a post-Saddam Iraq, as well as an exchange of ideas, a statement from the Ministry of Finance said. And views on the development and revitalization of the public and private economic sector and poverty reduction.

According to the statement, the Deputy Prime Minister and the ministerial delegation, which includes the Minister of Health and a number of Directors General, will hold a series of meetings with the directors of the Bank and the Member States, according to the Ministry of Finance.

The World Bank has 189 member states, including Iraq, which it joined in 1945.

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