President of the Iranian Central: We will receive the money of our exports from Iraq despite sanctions

President of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdul Nasser Hamati, said that the abolition of the dollar from Iranian economic exchanges with the region and the world, one of the most important results of the new Iranian trade strategy.

"What is happening in economic and trade relations with Iraq and other neighbors, such as Turkey and Afghanistan, is an evolution of Iran's commercial goals," he said. "I have been talking about the agreements that were signed between Tehran and Baghdad. "He said.

"Restrictions on Iranian and Iraqi financial exchanges because of US sanctions against Iran have complicated the banking relations between the two countries, but by understanding the restrictions and conditions in Iraq, using a special payment mechanism, we have continued to work properly, About the current huge exports. "

According to the President of the Central Bank, "this new strategy, has foiled the policy of US sanctions in practice."

"In addition to the trade agreements, the agreement to activate the border agreement and good neighborliness between Iraq and Iran dated June 13, 1975 in Algeria and the removal of remnants of the Shatt al-Arab (Arround Road) is one of the most important results of the Iranian president's visit to Iraq," Hamati said.

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