Draft Law "Iraq Recovery Fund" is on the table

The Integrity Commission discussed with the Parliamentary Integrity Committee on Thursday draft draft amendment to the law of the fund for the recovery of Iraqi funds No. (9).

"The meeting, held at the Iraqi Academy for Combating Corruption in the Authority, exchanged views, views and discussions on the paragraphs of the draft law, which were agreed to amend, In the process of recovering Iraq's money abroad. "

"The Board of Directors of the Fund, headed by the Integrity Commission consists of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Oil and Finance, Justice and Trade, in addition to the Central Bank of Iraq and the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau and the National Intelligence Service and the Supreme National Authority for Accountability and Justice."

The statement pointed out that "the Commission had indicated in its annual report for 2018, announced last February that it had sent the first amendment to the law of the Council of State and Government to take his way to the House of Representatives, and is now on its agenda to read it and vote on it.

Article Credit: https://www.nasnews.com/
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