US forces declare "state of alert" to confront any "clash" with armed factions in Iraq

The Hebrew site "Debka", which relies in its reports and information on Israeli intelligence sources that the United States is currently sending US military reinforcements to Iraq through Israel and Jordan, in anticipation of any military confrontation with the armed factions in Iraq and Syria.

According to the report, the US military has been sending, since last Wednesday, the sixth of this March, military reinforcements to Iraq.

US forces are transferred from military units and bases to the US Army in both Israel and Jordan.

Pointing out that US forces in the Gulf region and southern Europe, especially the bases stationed in Romania and Bulgaria, has announced a state of alert, in preparation for the possibility of heading to Iraq.

The US military has announced a state of alert after the armed forces' preparations have been made to launch attacks against US troops and bases based in Iraq and Syria, particularly US positions in the western and northern Iraqi regions bordering Syria.

Fears began to take root in the US military command in the Middle East, last Thursday, when two groups of Iraqi factions issued a statement on March 7 demanding the axis of resistance to address the US military presence in the entire region.

Where the statement issued by the "Brigades of Hezbollah" and "Asaib Ahl al-Haq" on the need to seek the expulsion of US military forces from Iraq.

Since these factions also have their own military forces in eastern and southern Syria, the US military believes its forces in Syria are also vulnerable to faction attacks.

There is another tension witnessed by the security situation of US forces, in Iraq, last Thursday, when the head of the political body of the Iraqi Sadrist movement, Nasser al-Rubaie, the Iraqi parliament, the enactment of a law allowing the expulsion of all foreign troops from Iraq. And because US forces make up the bulk of foreign troops in Iraq, so it is clear that the above-mentioned claim, essentially targeting the expulsion of US troops.

The mere readiness of the forces of the leader of the Sadrist movement opposed to Iranian influence in Iraq to cooperate with pro-Iranian factions is a cause for concern for US leaders in the Middle East and US administration officials in Washington.

According to intelligence sources, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has been in constant contact with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to discuss these dangerous developments.

On Friday, the Iraqi prime minister's office issued a statement saying that the United States should not establish new military bases in Iraq and that the current US military presence was limited to fighting the mobilization and training of Iraqi forces.

The statement said Baghdad would not allow the United States to set up new military bases in Iraq to accommodate US troops withdrawn from Syria. Such bases are established in northern Iraq near the oil city of Kirkuk and opposite Anbar province.

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