Kurdistan announces the increase of salaries of employees and remove the words "provinces of the north" in the budget

Alsumaria News / Baghdad announced that the government of Iraqi Kurdistan, on Friday, an increase in the salaries of employees in the budget year 2019, while suggesting the removal of the phrase " the provinces of the north" of the draft budget, usually it with "violation of the Iraqi constitution."

The Secretary of the Council of Ministers of the province Amanj Rahim in press statements quoted by the Kurdish media, today, "The amendments made by the federal government on the draft financial budget for 2019 was positive," noting that "in the chapter on compensation of employees, has been increasing salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region From 3 trillions, and 828 billion dinars to 5 trillions and 448 billion dinars. "
Rahim said that "the federal government increased the salaries of staff of the region from 317 billion dinars per month to 454 billion dinars monthly, a difference of 137 billion dinars," noting that "the allocation of a special budget for the Peshmerga forces have nothing to do with the salaries of employees and retirees in the region, Oil agreement.

He drew Rahim to remove the words "northern provinces" of the draft budget, which is scheduled to vote by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, returned that phrase as "contrary to the Iraqi constitution.

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