Economists: "Cache" the best investment in the world now

After the end of 2018, with all the financial "difficulties" or "disasters" that have taken place at all levels, there is a need for a quick inventory of the money issue, what happened to it and where it went.

Financial experts analyzed and concluded that cash retention was the best performance of financial assets in 2018.

For them, this was better than investment in the bond, equity and commodity sectors, Business Insider said.

According to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, cash is the only one that has achieved positive returns over the past year, rising by 1.9 percent.

"A storm hit the bonds in the fourth quarter of 2018 and oil prices fluctuated up and down, and so did the dollar," said Sean Darby, head of the global division of bond strategies at Jefferies Finance.

This has exposed investors, from almost all segments, to a severe blow last year as a result of macroeconomic factors.

Today, Wall Street strategists see cash as a rival investment with the global economic slowdown, the US-China trade war and uncertainties surrounding the US Federal Reserve's rate hike.

Even banks are offering savings accounts for customers. Goldman Sachs offers interest on savings accounts of 2.25 percent, compared with zero percent at other banks.

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