The opening of the first phase of the smart card project

The Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashim al-Ani on Wednesday opened the first phase of the smart card project, stressing the ministry’s keenness to modernize the ration card system and prepare new mechanisms, taking into consideration the end of the problems of the ration card system and relying on the electronic card to collect all the information And data.

A statement issued by the ministry, received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy today, Al-Ani said during the opening ceremony of the first phase of the smart card project with the support and contribution of the United Nations World Food Organization that “the system of the arbitrator will stop the cases of manipulation during transportation and processing as well as seriousness The ministry to update the database and the participation of citizens in the modernization process after the development of modern technological solutions that meet the requirements and make the citizen familiar with the provisions of the rationing materials. ”

He hoped that” this project is a new opportunity to upgrade the card system Catering to modern developments and prevent cases of manipulation in the numbers of covered as well as to choose the best solutions to address the problems.

For her part, said the representative of the World Food Program in Iraq, Sally Haydock that the program aims to reach an electronic system that facilitates the citizen to receive the ration card items as well as to facilitate the audit and control of data.

The Director General of the Department of Planning and Follow-up Abtahal officer that “the application of the program is a system to develop the ration card through the introduction of fingerprint within the database of the ration card, where the experience will be for a period of 6 months at the Baghdad catering branch Mutanabi and the branch of Duhok supply and a model of agents through modernization The data when reviewing the citizen of these agents through a booklet is distributed to the families after the presence of the family of ages over the {12} year for the purpose of fingerprint and update the database of old families by entering the fingerprint and then processing them ration vocabulary according to the card system New e-mail “.

He pointed out that “after the end of the trial period will be a questionnaire on that experience to identify the strengths and weaknesses and constraints of the program and find effective solutions until the project is fully implemented in all provinces.”

The official opening ceremony of the project was attended by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce for Economic Affairs, departments of departments and companies in the ministry, Director General of Information Technology Enrique Prokari and representatives of the World Food Program in Iraq.

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