Abdul-Mahdi vows to pursue the wanted and raise the strength of the people

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi vowed on Wednesday to pursue the wanted men and raise the people's strength, while noting that the government is continuing to hand over the security file to the internal security forces.

"The police officers took the opportunity to surprise terrorism and offered a wonderful example of sacrifice in defense of their homeland," Abdul Mahdi said in a speech on the occasion of the police festival, adding that local and federal police are contributing to the security and stability of the country. After their active participation in a dashing defeat. "

He added that "today we are on the threshold of a new phase that requires focusing efforts on creating the appropriate ground for the launch of work and construction projects, stimulate the economy and provide employment opportunities, and your participation in this national effort is the implementation of law and order and public security of the country."

"We urge the pace that the internal security forces and forces must assume their primary task instead of the army forces, which have suffered the best in the tasks of maintaining security, defense and victory," he said. "The future of this country is safe in your necks. All the people of this people trust you and the rest of our armed forces, We recognize the enormity of the tasks that you perform in the service of your people. "

"Corruption is another enemy no less fierce about terrorism and its goal is to sabotage Iraq and waste public money. It is our duty to the government and the people, judicial and security bodies to confront him and to prosecute criminals who are wanted for justice and to harm the people. Corruption and we will make every effort to succeed in this big battle. "

The Prime Minister pledged to make every effort to support the Ministry of the Interior, its apparatuses and departments, to provide them with equipment and training, and to update the systems and mechanisms that accelerate the efforts of the services they provide in various fields related to security, traffic, investigations, forensics, passports and documents.

He pointed out that the police in the world have gone a long way and reached high levels of performance, and we want the police to achieve the highest levels and levels of performance and efficiency, speed and accuracy in implementation.

He concluded his speech by saying: "I recommend that you carry out your duties by implementing the law to respect the rights, dignity and humanity of Iraqi citizens and non-discrimination among Iraqis.

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