Kuwait withdraws nationality from person found to be an officer "Saddam

Said the secretary of the Committee to consider the re - drawn Ganasa Nayef Al - Ajmi, said he was withdrawing the nationality of a person turned out to be an officer to " Fedayeen Saddam ".

Quoted Kuwaiti newspaper Al- Rai channel , quoting opinion during the dialogue with Ajami that "has been studied all the files in depth were withdrawn their nationality and status and objective, which is made by the 186 heads of families of their requests, including 33 events drawn Jnasehm before 1991

Al-Ajmi added that "the strange cases that went through the committee during the examination of applications of applicants, a person withdrawn his nationality, after it turned out to be an Iraqi soldier of the Fedayeen Saddam," noting that "this person was granted Kuwaiti nationality before the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime ."

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He added that "after the fall of the regime arrived in Kuwait a set of documents and documents, and after examination appeared the name of this person who was granted citizenship and turned out to be a military Fedayeen Saddam, the rank of presenter," explaining that "he had roles during the invasion in the protection of some sectors of the Iraqi army, A letter of condolence from Saddam Hussein to him, and he has worked in 1999, and connected until 2001.

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