Martin Kobler of Kirkuk: Article (140) and population census of Walker today's challenges
On: Sun 10/30/2011 16:51

Kirkuk (news) .. Special Representative of the United Nations in Iraq Martin Kobler, during his visit to Kirkuk, said that one of the biggest challenges today, the relationship between Arab and Kurdish nationalisms and the subject of Article 140, which did not specify timelines for the processing, issue of the census.
The Kubler at a press conference in the building of the province of Kirkuk, attended by reporter Agency (news) on Sunday: that the relationship between the two nation-Arabic and Kurdish are the biggest challenges, there are more than 25 points is the discussion around to find solutions to them, and be successful only by dialogue in addition to the issue of Article 140, which did not specify timelines for processing and issue of the census.
He Kubler: that we are on the threshold of a new situation after the U.S. withdrawal, what drives us to solve problems, and will be the UN's role Wa Sa and there is an opportunity to improve the situation, especially that all parties want to deal with the outstanding and we are ready to support everyone.
He added: I have met with officials in Kirkuk, in addition to the Christian minority and to all parties to respect minorities in Iraq. tml