Trade Minister urges India to set up industrial projects in Iraq

Minister of Commerce Mohammed Hashim al-Ani called Monday for the Indian side to return its companies to Iraq and contribute to the reconstruction campaign in the country. He pointed out that India has a good history in dealing with Iraq and has achieved great successes in infrastructure projects.

A statement issued by Al-Ani's office received the news that he had received Indian Ambassador to Baghdad Pradip Singh Rajpiroht and a group of businessmen in the Indian Chamber of Industry, which has more than 280 thousand companies and shareholders, representing various food and industrial sectors.

"There is great hope for the return of the Indian companies in Iraq, as well as the increase and activation of trade exchanges between the two countries, especially in the field of private sector cooperation in both countries, which needs to be adapted to facilitate trade movement and there is a common desire to open new horizons of relations in various fields, Iraq's keenness to develop and activate its relations with India because of its huge potential in the fields of food industry and the restoration of infrastructure as well as the areas of health and medicine and the costs of simple compared to what is happening in other countries of the world.

For his part, the Indian ambassador expressed his desire to develop economic and trade relations and increase the volume of trade exchanges after the stability of the security situation and ending the justifications that prevent companies and investors from returning to exercise their work and raise the level of trade exchange to its highest level.

The ambassador pointed out that the Embassy has a great responsibility in conveying the real picture of what is happening in Iraq of stability and renaissance in all fields and raising the mistiness that was portraying the situation negatively to the possibility of presence and coordination for the return of businesses in the regions of Iraq and the establishment of investment projects and partnerships with the private sector Iraqi '.

A number of businessmen and owners of Indian companies have confirmed their desire to deal directly with Iraq and enter projects for different sectors, as well as the possibility of processing Iraq agricultural and industrial products without an intermediary to reduce expenses, pointing to the historical relations that linked Iraq to India, Level of the region.

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