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    Pro-Iranian gov't impact?

    Will a pro-Iranian Iragi gov't be a problem for the Dinar to be reinstated?
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    Re: Jodw

    The answer to that question is the same as the answer to this question..."Will The Tooth Fairy come see me after I lose a tooth?"

    ANSWER: That's a fairytale and fairytales are make believe things, so NO
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    Re: Jodw

    There is a rumor that Iraq tried to RI twice in January, but was stopped by America's NSA do to Iranian interference. If that is true we are a year or more out from seeing money. There are many rumors being louded and no one knows anything excapt the CBI/gov't and they are not talking.

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    Re: Jodw

    They've talked on the subject very clearly actually and they've been consistent with what they've said about it which is they're "going to delete the zeroes."

    The inconsistencies and rumors brought up by....*ahem*...certain people...are exactly that...rumors. It's very obvious to anyone who's being honest why these rumors are recycled, re-hashed and added to ad-nauseum. The reasoning behind these rumors and yarns being spun is to create and keep alive a false narrative that the currency won't LOP.

    Of course the CBI and Iraqi govt. isn't responding over and over again to this same false narrative. Why should they? None of these rumors originated with them, they don't promote them, and they couldn't care less about the ridiculous shenanigans being played out on websites like this, or Facebook, or anywhere else people gather to participate in rumors and kool-aid dreams. Again why should they? They've stated their position and intent clearly already, a long time ago, and it hasn't changed. If and when it ever changes they'll make an announcement. Very simple. End of story.

    Do people actually think the CBI and Iraqi govt. owes them a response every time one of these ya-hoos ressurects an old rumor or concocts a new one? Ummm I think the CBI and Iraqi govt. has better things to do than to constantly repeat their already stated position and plans for their currency. Their short version is, eventually build some actual value back into it and then LOP it. That was their plan, still is their plan, and probably is going to remain their plan. Might they slowly increase or decrease the value a little at the time over a very long period of time? Of course!

    They've actually done that a few times already after it was initially devalued....the problem for the rumor mill people is that each time it was adjusted it was only by a small amount and it was generally an additional decrease in value lol. None of the reality has matched the gurus or rumor-millers narratives, again lol. So guess what? They spin more rumors, new rumors, modified rumors, humble opinions, and even "straight intel from high level contacts." which if we're being honest is complete b.s. on the worst of 3rd grade levels. Sometimes this "intel from high level sources" is "hush hush super secret stuff" which the gurus then immediately blab out into cyberville places like this, or on their "Calls" or their Facebook group. LOL at the ridiculousness of it all. I'm literally lol'ing at the level of voluntary blindness and con stupidity that goes on with this entire charade amongst thousands of people on a daily basis.

    Anyway, you are correct sir. The CBI and the Iraqi govt. isn't talking about these rumors...because it's none of their concern what shenanigans cons and voluntarily blind followers play amongst themselves. They don't care and as well they shouldn't since it has literally zero to do with them.
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