The Central Bank of Iraq officially exits from the EU sanctions list

The European Union (EU) officially announced on Thursday that the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has come out of the list of EU sanctions imposed on institutions.

"The European Union has officially announced the exit of the Central Bank of Iraq from the list of sanctions imposed by the European Union on institutions through its publication in the official newspaper of the European Union, which confirmed the abolition of sanctions imposed on this bank," the bank said in a statement received by the Economist News. In the era of the former regime, which provided for "the prohibition of dealing with a group of financial institutions and non-financial Iraqi, including the Central Bank of Iraq."

The statement added that "this step comes as the Central Bank of Iraq has made significant progress in improving its performance and the application of international regulations and standards in this area," noting that "under these recent amendments will allow the international financial banking institutions to deal with the new instructions as it became a financial institution Reliable handling of European international institutions. "

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