Number of readings: 400 Iraq negotiates foreign companies to implement the port of Faw

Transport Minister Kazem Vajan Al-Yamami announced on Thursday the start of direct negotiations with major international companies to implement and operate the port of Faw.

Al-Hamami said in a statement received by "Iraq News" that "the Negotiating Committee for the investment of the port of Faw, recommended today to enter into direct negotiations with the consortium of Chinese companies ( CCCC ) and the company" Boskals "Dutch.

"The duration of the negotiations will be three months and can not be increased. In the absence of an agreement that satisfies the parties, the other consortium of the Chinese company CSCEC , the Belgian company DI and the Korean company Daewoo, .

The Ministry of Transport has completed the implementation of the breakwater of the eastern waves. Currently, Al-Kasr Al-Gharbia is being implemented through Daewoo, which has achieved 92% of it. It is necessary to resolve the investment issue as soon as possible to ensure continuity and continuity of work in the port.

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