Trump: The Iranian regime may collapse

US President Donald Trump said the Iranian regime could collapse because of his administration's policies, including leaving the international nuclear deal with Tehran negotiated by his predecessor.

"When I came here, it was a matter of when they would control the Middle East," Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg.
He added , "Now it is a matter will survive. It 's a big difference in the year and a half».

The withdrawal of Trump - who encouraged the enemies of Iran Regional - United States from the International Nuclear Convention for the year 2015 in May, accusing the Islamic Republic of threatening the Middle East security while expanding its regional influence. And re - imposed Sanctions against Iran this month as Iran's vital oil industry faces sanctions due to begin in November,
inflation in Iran has increased and its currency has weakened, putting pressure on President Hassan Rowhani as he tries to get through the crisis.

Trump said he would be ready to meet Iran's leaders to negotiate a tougher nuclear deal that would avoid the pain of sanctions. But this offer was rejected in Tehran by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

This leaves little room to avoid tougher sanctions in early November, as the United States seeks to cut Iranian oil sales abroad as close as possible to zero.

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