Learn about the legal period for the first session of the new parliament

The legal expert, Ali al-Tamimi, said Tuesday that the results of counting and sorting will be announced in the newspapers and then open the legal period for three days to submit an appeal before the tripartite judiciary, indicating that the court needs ten days to decide appeals.

Al-Tamimi told "Iraq News" that "after the announcement of the results of counting and manual sorting by the Council of Judges assigned, these results will be announced in the newspapers for three days, and on the second day will open the legal period, three days to submit a challenge to the results before the tripartite judiciary."
He added that "the tripartite judiciary needs ten days to decide on these appeals in accordance with Article 8 of Law No. 11 of the Electoral Commission for the elections for 2007," noting that "after the end of the period of decision appeals, the Council of the Commission to submit the names of winning members of the Federal Supreme Court for the purpose of ratification This period is constitutionally open and indefinite. "

The legal expert added that "after the ratification of the Federal Court on the results, will call the President of the current Republic within 15 days from the date of ratification, the new deputies to hold their first meeting in parliament under the chairmanship of the oldest deputies and then the new deputies are sworn in before the President of the Judicial Council, That "during the first session is elected Speaker of the Parliament and his deputies and then also be elected President of the new Republic, which in turn, within 15 days of his election to mandate the largest parliamentary bloc to form a government to be prime minister, also in his role also within 30 days of his election cabinet Parliament for the purpose of voting thereon "

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