Azzawi: Do not postpone the date of the summit in Baghdad
29/10/2011 29/10/2011

Confirmed the readiness of Iraq's Arab leaders for hospitality
Cairo - Isra-Khalifa
Ruled out the representative of Iraq to the Arab League Ambassador Qais Al-Azzawi across the Arab Summit in Baghdad, saying it will be held in the presence of Arab countries to participate without delay once again for whatever reason. He said al-Azzawi, the "morning" yesterday that "the postponement of the Arab summit Amargar Ward, has prepared Iraq fully prepared for the hospitality leaders and the Arab kings, "pointing to" confirm many Arab countries participation summit, "adding that" the postponement of the summit, was due to non-completion of revolutions of the Arab, but now, it has completed most of the revolutions of the Arab. "and delaying their remittances yellow Egyptian workers despite the fact that Iraq spending it, said al-Azzawi, "The $ 408 million total funds that were to be received by Egyptian workers in Iraq in the reign of Saddam Hussein ready to spend immediately," he said, adding "that it exists and is waiting for a move the government to be paid, as there is no the slightest problem to be paid now. "He explained that the" delay a visit to Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf of Iraq was one of the main reasons for the delay in disbursement, "noting that" the Iraqi government has invited the honor to visit Baghdad more than once, but the deteriorating situation in Egypt during the last term postponed this visit, which will take place during the next few days. "