US says that Iran is training terrorists in Iraq

WASHINGTON DC (Kurdistan 24) – The US has revealed that Iran maintains training camps inside Iraq and is using them to attack neighboring countries that are allied with the US.

On Tuesday, the State Department designated al-Ashtar Brigades (AAB) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, describing it as “an Iran-backed terrorist group in Bahrain.”

Bahrain’s population, like Iraq’s, is majority Shi’ite. However, Bahrain’s ruling family is Sunni.

Notably, Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province (once known as al-Ahsa) is also Shi’ite, and it has a long history of tensions with the religiously conservative Sunni rulers in Riyadh.

“AAB is an Iran-backed terrorist organization aimed at overthrowing the Bahraini government,” the State Department explained. In 2014, AAB killed three police officers, two from Bahrain and one from the United Arab Emirates, in a bombing attack, and in 2017, it shot dead another Bahraini police officer.

“In January 2018, AAB formally adopted Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) branding and reaffirmed its loyalty to Tehran,” the State Department continued. “AAB members have received weapons and explosives from Iran” and “training at IRGC-funded camps in Iraq,” it further explained.

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