What is needed is a new government led by an economy

After the final results of the elections, the Iraqis are waiting for the formation of a new government with special national characteristics. Its primary objective is to serve the people, achieve economic stability and reconstruction, revitalize the economic cycle and achieve prosperity for the people who suffered during 15 years of instability, terrorism and loss of basic services. Goals and wishes should lead the key rings of national economic leaders in the next stage because the national economic elites in various disciplines must have an active role in the analysis and assessment of the economic reality in the After the 2003 and identify the failures and challenges and identify the visions and policies and reforms required for the economy with the addition and fortification of the successful experiences and bright points that emerged during the suffering of Iraq from the financial crisis and economic passing through the starting of their national sense and love for Iraq and its people to be given the opportunity to lead the wheel of change and reform because the economy The Iraqi people and his interests only sons especially experts and thinkers and technocrats with real experience of previous successful work locally and abroad.

The observer and observer of the role of government institutions during the lean years that passed through Iraq and is still passing by in the management of the Iraqi economy notes that there are failures and challenges and black pages related to the loss of methodology and the lack of clarity of policies and programs and the lack of harmony strategies developed in partnership with international organizations and experts with the reality of the Iraqi economy Resources, which depends mainly on oil revenues and the consequent structural and structural imbalance in the economy and the face of stability in the financial system and the monetary system are significant challenges because of the deficit in non-oil revenue and deficit balance of tide In addition, there is poor coordination between the fiscal and monetary policies, in addition to the mismanagement of public funds and the obvious weakness in the economic leadership of most of the governmental economic institutions, in addition to the lack of involvement and giving an active role to the private sector in economic decision-making.

All the above failures, combined with political and security instability and the war on terror, have led to economic instability and lack of vision to build a solid national economy capable of drawing the preconditions for a transition to a social market economy that I believe is the solution to our economic reality.
The challenges presented above have created the pessimism and pessimistic outlook of our economic future among many of our economic elites, but I believe and believe many economists, financial experts and analysts. There are promising and bright points and experiences that some economic institutions have made clearly and effectively during the years 2015-2017, The economic and financial crisis suffocating.

One of the highlights of this march is the experience of the Central Bank in supporting the national economy while maintaining its functions and objectives specified in its law. The most important achievement of the Central Bank is its contribution to achieving economic steadfastness and strengthening the decisive victory over terrorism.
I do not want to clarify the executive and development procedures and build balanced relations with Arab, regional and foreign banks and its strategy for the next five years, the results achieved on the scope of monetary policy applications internally and convince the international financial organizations and most important official reports issued by them confirm the success of the policy of the Central Bank to achieve an important transition of the Iraqi economy from The gray phase to follow up. One of the most prominent achievements was to stabilize the exchange rate and recovery of the Iraqi dinar and increase its purchasing power.

In addition to its various contributions and initiatives to activate the economic cycle and enhance the liquidity of banks and reach a re-bridge coordination between the financial and monetary policies and propose new economic and structural policies to prepare public budgets for the coming years and attempts to restore confidence in the banking system.
The Central Bank has proved its clear ability to interact and analyze obstacles to work and create conditions to overcome the challenges, and that the road is still long before the Central Bank and the competent government agencies in order to achieve a sound national economy so I call on national economic elites to interact with the points and experiences light and enrich them with their ideas and visions and proposals To build a strong national economy and overcome the challenges and correct the wrong tracks and dialogues transparent and calm without personal and partisan targets, because the abuse of our national economic institutions of sovereign is an insult to Iraq and its people.

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