Who holds the key?
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Thread: Who holds the key?

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    Who holds the key?

    I have been in this investment for almost 3 years now. I have read every article I can find, listened to so many CC my ear looks like my phone, and spent uncountable hours trying to find out 1 thing. WHO HAS THE KEY THAT UNLOCKS THE RV?
    Opinions range from Iraq does not, so Shabbs can't, to it's waiting for Shabbs to pull the trigger, to the BIS, to some unknow PTB. Every one has a different opinion and trying to find 2 that are the same is like finding matching snow flakes. That being said; Who "really" has the key to unlock the rv? No opinions please there are enough of those on every dinar site to reach past Mars. Can anyone "prove" who has the key?
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