Attorney Al-taei: the coming years will see significant economic growth in the country
Date: Saturday 29-10-2011 12: 36 pm

Baghdad (newsletter). Anticipating Economic Committee member and Parliamentary Deputy/National Alliance Al witness Youssef years ahead the movement of reconstruction and investment and economic growth in the country.
He said Al-taei told reporter (News Agency KCNA) Saturday: coming years large movement in the country's reconstruction, investment and construction investment projects and economic growth on various sectors and be different from past years that were years of political and military, stating: that the Government has begun to focus on strategic plans for investment to promote the Iraqi economy.
Al-Tai said: Central Bank reserves is today one of the largest financial reserves in the history of Iraq, where more than 60 billion dollars and this reflected positively on the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar strengthened in international transactions, plus it would attract investors to Iraq and this shows that the coming years will be economic.
Called Tai to: the need for economic integration between the various sectors through activated as industry, agriculture and tourism and others, because it will ensure the success of the economic development of the country.
He is a member of the parliamentary Economic Committee: that Iraq enjoys considerable economic wealth and natural and human resources if used seriously and properly, it would be Iraq from the world's richest countries, this needs to be thoroughly studied and integrated strategy plans for advancement.
He was a member of the Committee on the economy and investment emphasized in Parliament and the National Alliance Deputy//Amer Al-Fayez on: the need to activate the private sector through the provision of infrastructure and support necessary for the purpose of opening large investment projects, which provide employment to large numbers of unemployed, which will contribute to the reduction of unemployment in Iraq.
Fayez said in a statement earlier (News News Agency): there are many laws related to activation of the private sector to provide all the necessary support and facilities, will be approved by the House of representatives to take part in investment and run by many working for absorbing unemployment./finished/8 n. p.