Iraq promises foreign companies to remove obstacles to their work

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi promised international companies to remove all obstacles facing them when they enter the Iraqi market and invest in them.
“We are determined to confront the financial crisis, fight corruption, bureaucracy and light up economic reform, simplify procedures and lift obstacles to reconstruction and investment,” Abbadi said in his address to foreign companies present at the Invest in Iraq conference held in Kuwait.

He added that “Iraq has the qualifications of the advancement of natural resources and human resources and we can help and support friends and brothers to mobilize efforts and benefit from the investment environment and legislative appropriate to implement economic projects and urban and service in the liberated provinces and other provinces where development opportunities have been stalled.”

“The ability of Iraq to attract capital and companies from outside Iraq and inside to start a new phase of reconstruction, a stage based on investment potential of the country and its human and natural resources and compensate for what missed Iraq opportunities over the past decades of the past.

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(Special thanks to Charles Bright)