After the withdrawal of U.S.
Official in Basra confirms the ability of security agencies to manage the security file
29/10/2011 - 7:39

An official in the government of Basra to local forces to maintain security pass at the stage of development and capacity building in all its different and touched able to maintain security and stability after the withdrawal of U.S. forces.
The head of the security committee in the province of Basra, Ali Ghanem yesterday that the local troops in Basra will be solely responsible for the security file, and this set will give a morale-booster for our security forces to redouble their efforts and to maintain the gains of stability in this aspect. "And stressed that" U.S. forces will not participate in any the support of our security forces in Basra and that all activities undertaken by military forces and police, "calling at the same time," investment companies, foreign and Arab to continue its work in line with the efforts to maintain the local government to provide adequate protection for the investment companies. "