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Thread: As soon as we get past the intial launch...

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    Enjoyed your CC and like your articles please explain what is available now and post

    I enjoy all of the post RV stuff and love your site very nice friendly enjoyed prayer what breath of fresh air.

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    always willing to listen to good ideas about building wealth...although at this point in the IQD investment I'm thinking a few weeks on the road to clear my head before jumping into another grind is way over due! Hope you have a mail list going to keep us in the loop. Thankx for everything BGG and mods...

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    Very interested in your advise. Thanks for your info and insights!

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    BGG, this thread is nearly a year old! I hope you still remember what your ideas were for post-RV! If so, count me in too!

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    Interested in what you have to share. Thanks for all you do!

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    Please include me on this ...

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    BGG, Awesome idea... Let's get the RV done... then I am ready to scrape myself off of the floor from passing out...

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    I would be very interested in that to BGG

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    Excellent BGG! What would I do without my daily Dinarupdates fix? By the way, we should all consider funding a movie project after the RV. All of the drama and plots leading up to this RV are incredible. You couldn't write a better script than what is unfolding before us! What a journey. Thank you for your daily dedication to the Dinar Updates family.

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    BGG - didnt see where you wanted to know who would be interested but since everyone is putting up their hand, mine is up too. Thank you for caring about us!

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