As soon as we get past the intial launch...
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Thread: As soon as we get past the intial launch...

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    As soon as we get past the intial launch...

    As soon as we get past the initial launch day (nite) - I have a couple of awesome post-RV perks that will be VERY, VERY helpful. For instance, security, finance and post-RV cash-in issues...



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    i would be very interested in what those are.

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    I look forward to seeing the perks. Keep us informed and thanks.

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    Looking forward to that!

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    Looking forward to some good post info that's as good as the pre info. New to site, but certainly like the cut and dry to the point, no hype info. Thnx

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    looking forward to all of the info i can get my hands on or my eyes can read!! thanks for all you do!!!

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    I will be interested in your ideas post rv..

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    I would also be interested in this please foward.

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    Absolutely interested in your insights! Thanks so much BGG!
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    I am VERY interested BGG! Please email me here in TN!

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