Amendments to the new Central Bank Law
(Article from Vernell Washington from Facebook)

On 2018/1/2 the Official Gazette of the Iraqi Gazette No. 4475 was issued on 2 January 2018, including Law No. (82) for the year 2017, the Second Amendment Law of the Central Bank Law No. (56) for the year 2004. The amendments were distributed to ten articles, 10, 11, 27, 32, 48, 72 and 16). Finally, a general amendment to cancel the term of bonds and treasury bills and use the most accurate term is the term securities and well done the new amendment law to increase the capital of the bank to trillion dinars that the amount before the amendment was an incorrect amount and the duties and duties of the bank being responsible On monetary policy affected by fiscal policy All its economic, industrial, commercial and even social activities.

And what was required to amend the provisions of the management of the bank formation of the Audit and Audit Committee provided the selection of the most efficient and know what did the amendment and this is what can be said about the amendment of the composition of the Council and that we object to the use or it was necessary to use the wow to have experience in financial affairs and experience in banking And experience in legal affairs and not only one of these terms of reference as stated in the amendment law to collect financial, banking and legal expertise and not one of them only as stated in the amendment and well done the amendment to cancel the provisions of the foreign exchange reserve and the official reserve management of foreign exchange Especially the amendment to paragraph (c) relating to accounts and perform international investment instruments at the International Monetary Fund and the use of financial derivatives in investment portfolios and MEMRI amendment by adding a new provision, the provisions of the last lender ..

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