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Is a national platform for the largest economy engine "state"
Baghdad / Hussein Thugb
In order to shorten the complex routine rings and access to real multiplicity in the financial revenues obtained directly to the state treasury and to relieve the citizen and the completion of transactions in a flexible time and effort, and a qualitative shift in the national economy, the voices of the importance of the trend towards electronic government.
Economic expert Mohammed Al-Najjar said: "The e-government project carries great benefits for the national economy and the family economy, as it works to accomplish business away from all forms of red tape, thus reducing corruption in its forms."
pointed out that " the economic aspects of this project carry a lot of benefit, which opens the prospect of investment work for private sector companies to enter into this joint is important to provide major employment opportunities, and creates new job opportunities for new students and university graduates are estimated at 300 thousand chance."
The Indian experience started in 1980 and now exports $ 120 billion worth of information technology.
The real value
"This project represents a national platform for the largest engine of the economy and requires a number of requirements for success, foremost of which is awareness-raising and a marketing campaign to spread the true value of this platform," said Al-Najjar. "This project requires five types of expertise. Successful and stand by the state companies specialized in these projects, as well as academic and educational bodies. " An investment map pointed out that "this project needs human resources with special efficiency, which requires the conversion of non-specialized training centers to a specialist in the field of e-government, as well as work to make the curricula in universities include specialized materials on the e-government project."

He pointed out that "through the national card knew the citizen who is," not to the "importance of the existence of an investment map of the e-government through which the private sector, means to more than (500) institutions in the state must adopt the stages of e-government," referring to The importance of having a table of services provided by the state and the division of the tables according to tables and accessible, for example, the number of births and enter the same citizen according to birth certificate and number, and thus become the work of the employee verification and analysis. " Containment of corruption Najjar stressed that" easing the momentum on the circles leads to speed in Completion and ease of review and contain Jamie S corruption.

"This project needs billions of dollars, and under the current circumstances, it is difficult to implement with the adoption of the state budget in full. It can also be implemented by the private sector in exchange for money. This can shorten the time and the private sector. Which does not confuse the budget. " Standard and specifications Najjar focused on "to be a standard work and specifications, and here is the information body taking the necessary action, which is done in full details, and it is necessary to plan a large strategy for the IT organization management science of large systems, the science of operating management, security information security, My majors . " It is clear that "