Agenda of the session No. (1) Thursday, 4 January 2018

First: Reading verses from the Holy Quran.

Second: Hosting the members of the Board of Commissioners in the Independent High Electoral Commission.

Third: Complete the vote on the proposed law of the Nursing Syndicate. (Civil Society Organizations Committee, Legal Committee, Finance Committee, Health and Environment Committee), (remaining 36 articles).

Fourth: First reading of the proposed law of the first amendment to the law of the Anti-Terrorism Authority No. (31) for the year 2016. (Security and Defense Committee). (4 article).

Fifth: First reading of the draft law for the first amendment of the law of quarantine No. 76 of 2012. (Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands, Committee on Health and Environment). (6 articles).

Sixth: Report and discuss the proposed law of the House of Representatives and its composition. (Legal Committee, Finance Committee). (53 articles).

Seventh: Report and discussion of the draft law amending the fines law mentioned in the Penal Code No. (111) of 1969 amending and other special laws No. (6) for the year 2008. (Legal Committee) (Article 2).

Eighth: Report and discussion of the Turkmen Human Rights Bill (Human Rights Committee) (18 articles).

Ninth: Report and discussion on the proposed Samarra Capital of Islamic Culture. (Committee on Tourism and Antiquities, Legal Committee). (4 article).

The session begins at 11 am.