The arrival of a delegation of three Kurdish parties to Baghdad to discuss the outstanding issues
(Article brought in from Charles Bright from Facebook)

A delegation of the Movement for Change, the Kurdistan Islamic Group and the Coalition for Democracy and Justice arrived in Baghdad to discuss outstanding issues between the two central governments and the region, a spokesman for the Coalition for Democracy and Justice said on Wednesday.

“The delegation heading to Baghdad will meet with the prime ministers and the republic and may also meet with the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and other responsible bodies in Iraq,” Ribwar Karim said in a press statement.

Karim pointed out that “the purpose of the visit is to preserve the constitutional entity of the Kurdistan region, and the emphasis on the need for this entity is protected, especially as there is a serious talks on the budget and a promise of other laws.”

He added that the delegation included Khanem Rahim, Hassan Jihad of the coalition, Shorsh Haji, Raouf Othman of Change, Mohammad Hakim and Ahmed Haji Rashid of the Islamic Group.

He added that the delegation will address the meetings on violations in Kirkuk, Tuzkurmatu and some other areas which must be stopped. He added that the issue of sending the budget and salaries to the people of Kurdistan, which should not be rejected due to political differences between the forces, will also be discussed.