Planning: 2018 development complementary to last year

Baghdad / Mustafa Hashemi
The Ministry of Planning confirmed that its plans for the year 2018 will be complementary to the previous year, which would overcome obstacles to the economic development of Iraq.
The official spokesman of the ministry Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement to "morning" that the development plans for the year 2018 will be a continuation and extension of the plans set by the ministry and completed an important part of them.
Al-Hindawi revealed the completion of a survey and evaluation of poverty levels in cooperation with the World Bank, which included the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin, and will announce its results soon. The survey was conducted using sophisticated techniques based on data input via tablets carried by the researcher and the data are sent directly to the main control center in Baghdad to be analyzed. A young society

Pointing out that the ministry issued the report of the annual estimates of the population, whose number for the year 2016 more than 37 million and 800 thousand people with an annual growth rate of 2.6 percent, including 19 million males and 19 million females, while the average size of the family 6.7, the report pointed out that 41 percent Of the population under the age of 15 indicates that Iraqi society is a young society, with 68% of the urban population and 34% of the rural population.
And on the ministry 's achievements for the year 2017 between al - Hindawi said his ministry has finalized a document reconstruction and development of the provinces affected by the terrorist and military operations for the years 2018-2022 plan, as well as the completion of the preparation of the national strategy for poverty alleviation in Iraq for the years 2018 - 2022 , plans for reconstruction

On the plans to promote the cities destroyed by terrorism, Hendawi to "complete the survey and limit the damage in the provinces that were subjected to occupation," calling "the terrorist, the first of its kind, in addition to a detailed report on the magnitude of the damage caused by terrorist operations throughout Iraq for the period 2003 to In 2016; has amounted to estimates of these damages 42 trillion dinars, and has been the formation of field teams in coordination with the ministries to measure the damage at the level of sectors in both public and private sectors.
Hindawi stressed the achievement of advanced stages of the preparation of the five-year development plan for the years 2018-2022, in addition to supporting the programs of the Microcredit Fund for the poor to include all the provinces of these loans and more than 11 thousand poor people received soft loans. Ration card

He pointed out that "the implementation of the reform of the ration card in coordination with the Ministries of Commerce and Communications and the selection of pilot environment for the project in one of the areas of Najaf province; as well as the preparation of a national strategy for the treatment and rehabilitation of informal housing in Iraq with the technical support of the United Nations Human Settlements. The Social Fund stressed the "work of the development of the Social Fund for Development project with the aim of contributing to the economic and social development of the target groups and directly supporting them and rehabilitating them to improve their standard of living and service," explaining that "the project consists of three stages (the foundation stage begins in 2018 and lasts for two years until the legislation of the law - In three governorates - the fund is linked to the founding phase of the Ministry of Planning. "

Hindawi said, "work on preparing Iraq's vision for the national strategy for sustainable development within the framework of the global agenda for the principles of 2030 and goals of sustainable development with the participation of representatives of the relevant ministries; as well as the launch of the Iraqi private sector development strategy 2015-2030." Labor Market The Ministry conducted a survey of the labor market for technical and technical specialties in the non-governmental sector, as well as the review and approval of projects funded by donor countries and institutions, including the World Bank loan projects which include the emergency electricity project and the rehabilitation of the highway project, Good governance in Iraq and water quality control project in the country.