Government of Kurdistan: This is our priority next year and are ready for these facilities with Baghdad
(Article brought in from Charles Bright)

The Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, on Thursday, that the region is ready to provide all facilities and databases for Kurdish personnel to Baghdad, pointing out that the distribution of salaries will be a priority of the Government of the Territory in the next year.

A statement by the provincial government issued after the last meeting of the current year under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and his deputy, Qubad Talabani, said that “the meeting discussed the latest developments in Kurdistan and Iraq, as well as relations between the governments of the region and the federal,” highlighting the “meetings and meetings of a number of technical committees between Erbil and Baghdad, was formed at the request of the federal government, to discuss the issue of airports and border crossings, and the Center’s audit of the salaries of employees of the ministries of education and health in the region.

The statement pointed to the confirmation of the meeting that “the dialogue and joint meetings of the parties concerned in Kurdistan and the federal government, is the right way to resolve the outstanding problems and differences between the two sides within the framework of the Constitution,” and expressed readiness “to provide all facilities, in addition to providing databases for the staff of the region according to the system Biometric, to the federal government. ”

He also considered the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, “the distribution of salaries will be the top priorities of the government’s work next year,” welcome any initiative or step aimed at “the distribution of salaries and benefits of the region according to constitutional means.”

The meeting recommended the Kurdistan Regional Council for Oil and Gas Affairs and the Ministry of Finance and Economy to present accurate figures and information on this subject to reassure Abbadi and the public opinion that the entire revenues of oil export of the region allocated to salaries .

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