Emirates and Fly Dubai resume use of Iraqi airspace


Monday 11 December 2017 9:06 pm

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Emirates and Fly Dubai said on Monday they had resumed use of Iraqi airspace for flights to other countries, two days after Iraq declared victory in its war against the six-year-old al-Qaeda organization.

A number of tankers stopped flying over Iraq in 2014 for safety reasons because of the conflict there, and after a Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down over Ukraine in the same year.

Instead, airlines used longer routes running over Iran and other countries, which increased congestion in the region, with many tankers also avoiding passage from Syrian airspace.

The use of Iraqi airspace is likely to help Emirates and Fly Dubai to save fuel costs by reducing flight hours and reducing congestion in the region.

"We have resumed the use of Iraqi airspace, and very few of our flights cross Iraq every day," a spokeswoman for Emirates Airline said in an e-mail statement.

Emirates Airline regularly reviews air operations, in line with regulatory and regulatory directives.

"Safety, security and operational efficiency considerations will always be at the forefront when planning flight routes," she said.

Emirates did not say when it began to fly over Iraq again or the routes involved.

Previously, airlines traveling across the region were using Iraqi airspace on flights to Europe and the United States.

A spokeswoman for flydubai e-mail said the company began using the eastern part of Iraq's airspace again on November 28, which often includes flights to and from Eastern Europe and Turkey.

"All the necessary assessments of risk and security have been carried out before they begin to cross the skies," she said. Finished