Detecting two constitutional violations in the 2018 budget

06/12/2017 05:31 | Number of readings: 60

Trend Press - Iraq

Parliament MP Jamila Mohammed on Wednesday revealed two constitutional violations in the 2018 budget, asserting that it does not serve the Iraqi citizen.

"The budget of 2018 arrived at a critical time for the House of Representatives in the late days of extension of the legislative term, and there are several observations on it," noting that "our budget is affected by the war against" Dahesh "and the displaced and the high tax, in addition to the same appeals in the budget 2017 repeated in the budget of 2018. "

She added that "the budget of 2018 guarantees the violations of the first of the first does not include accounting seals and the absence of a real study of them," adding that "Article 62 of the Constitution confirms that the budget linked to the final accounts and is a clear violation of the legislative and executive governments."

"The final accounts must be submitted every six months to know the extent of implementation of the budget within the law, and not include it is a clear violation of the Council of Ministers and Representatives and the President of the Republic as the protector of the Constitution."

She pointed out that "the budget next year included another violation is not contained in the census table to calculate the population density in the provinces until the allocation of quotas accordingly."

The MP explained that "the budget does not serve the Iraqi citizen, and if not approved will be 2018 as 2014." C