Parliamentary Finance: No allocations for holding elections in the budget

06/12/2017 05:22 | Number of readings: 79

Trend Press - Iraq

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed on Wednesday that the federal government will not allocate any funds in the budget expenditures next year to hold elections, usually a strange step.

Majida al-Tamimi, a member of the committee, said in a press statement that "the draft budget law next year does not allocate funds for the elections, which raises question and surprise about this step."

Tamimi added that "the government sets allocations for holding the elections within the expenses of the ruling, as was the budgets of previous years, but the government allocated investment funds and operating only for the budget."

She added that "the Commission recorded those observations and will submit to the parliament and the government to rethink that step," indicating that "there are political blocs want to postpone the elections, especially the Union of Forces and the Kurdistan Alliance." C