Government of the Territory delegation ends its meetings in Baghdad, a basket of agreements to be implemented
On: Sat 29/10/2011 6:10

Baghdad - Erbil
head of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, Dr. Fuad Masum, the agreement of Baghdad, the new resulted in the formation of committees to follow up and implementation of outstanding issues, there is a committee for the budget of the constitutional clause 140 and the Peshmerga, said in a telephone conversation with the term "delegation satisfied with this visit and the agreements emerged from the meetings, and the implementation of the decisions that emerged from the meeting, Saleh al-Maliki said, "This is a basic agreement and the initial and final"

She had completed the task of the delegation of the Kurdistan region in Baghdad, a series of agreements which have already been agreed upon without being implemented by the Federal Government, including research in the mechanisms of the application and determine the periods of time to complete, and it was decided during the meeting between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister Barham Saleh perform the steps necessary to address outstanding issues through the adoption of the Constitution and previous agreements between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad. The head of the delegation of Kurdistan, Barham Salih, told a news «We believe that our duty as a government of the territory to be of help to the Federal Government for the preparedness to face all the possibilities and challenges ahead, and we expect the federal government must respond positively and effectively with us through the commitment to implement the agreements we have reached»
According to what transpired from the meeting it was decided to take a number of actions actors to accelerate the implementation of Article 140, which follow the legal procedures for the issuance of several decisions by the Federal Council of Ministers and coordination with the Council of Representatives to reverse the decisions of the Committee on the north and the decisions issued by the Revolutionary Command Council dissolved, and the restitution of property and land confiscated by the government institutions at the time of the former regime.
On the issue of oil and gas, it was decided to continue the ministries of the Federal Oil and Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the negotiations, communications and make the draft law in 2007 as a basis for talks, and any change is in the law, consensus and consent of the parties, have been identified for two months for this topic. It was also discussed during the meeting expenses of the companies operating in the oil in the region, with regard to the issue of the Peshmerga, it was decided to include these forces in the defense system of national and find solutions to constitutional and legal problems faced in particular, to its expenses, and that is the responsibility of the federal government since 2007, as well to provide salaries and the provision of supplies and the participation of these forces in training, rehabilitation and granted privileges appropriate and in accordance with the law.
and on the financial rights of the Kurdistan region since 2007 and in 2011, which is the responsibility of the federal government, the Meeting decided that the Federal Ministry of Finance to take the necessary measures for the disbursement of these receivables, as matters of petrodollars and import of fuel for power plants in the region and the amounts of balancing the development of regions and imports of border crossing points and the question of the staff of the Kurdistan region to benefit from a loan percent salary and help the central bank.