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    2017/11/14 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 164 - Number (4062)

    British Business Leader: Iraq is an attractive force for investments and a business market

    Minister of Transport Kazem Al-Alami said that Iraq is moving towards confidence building and reconstruction, calling on "British companies to increase their investments in Iraq," while the head of the Iraqi-British Business Council Emma Nicholson stressed that Iraq today is an attractive force for investments, .

    "Iraq today is moving confidently toward construction and reconstruction after the elimination of criminal gangs and the return of stability to many of its regions," Hamami said in his inaugural address to the British-Iraqi Business Council in Dubai on Sunday.

    He called on the British companies to "increase their investments in Iraq, given the geographical location and importance in the region," explaining that "the transport sector in Iraq is important opportunities in all aspects, and reviewed several of the strategic projects that the Ministry is working to accomplish."

    For her part, the head of the British-British Business Council (LBBC) Baroness Emma Nicholson, expressed her "happiness in the convening of the Council, showing after several meetings with officials in Iraq, starting with Prime Minister Haider Abadi and ministers of service ministries," saying, "I can confirm that Iraq today attractive force For investments and can be a market for many businesses in addition to increasing opportunities for Iraqi capacity building. "

    In March 2017, Iraq signed a memorandum of understanding with Britain on a 10 billion pound loan to develop infrastructure in Iraq with a ten-year implementation period.

    Military industries confirm the date of holding an investment conference later this month

    The Director of the General Industries Company of the Ministry of Industry, the appearance of Tamimi, on Monday, the completion of his company for all files and investment opportunities for the presentation at the investment conference on 21 of this month, in the presence of a number of companies, businessmen and officials.

    Tamimi said in a press statement that "our company completed preparations for the convening of its investment conference in the Green Zone on 21 of this month, in coordination with the Federation of Iraqi Industries, for the purpose of announcing the files and investment opportunities that we have completed," adding that "calls to investment companies willing to finance our projects, As well as some financiers. "

    He added that "the investment conference is expected to be attended by Prime Minister Haider Abadi and some security officials from the Ministries of Defense and Interior for the development of the military industries to supply Iraqi security institutions with military products."

    The investment will be in the field of attracting some of the advanced production lines from international companies, in addition to modern technology in the industry, with some foreign supervisors, in order to develop the Iraqi military industries and diversify their products in line with the latest developments.

    Iraq raises the price of Basra crude for Asia next month

    Iraq has raised the official selling price for December shipments of Basra light crude to Asia to $ 0.35 compared to the previous month to increase $ 0.10 a barrel from the average prices offered to Oman and Dubai, the Iraqi oil marketing company (SOMO) said.

    Sumo said in a statement that the price of Basra heavy crude for Asia in the same month, set at a discount of $ 3.40 per barrel of average prices offered to Oman and Dubai. The official sale price of Basrah Light for North American and South American shipments was set at $ 0.20 above the Argos index for high sulfur crude, down from the previous month while the price of Kirkuk crude to the US fell to $ 0.85 per barrel above the same index.

    For shipments to Europe, the price of Basra light crude was set at $ 0.25 to Brent, below $ 2.80 per barrel, while the December price of Kirkuk crude was set at $ 2.75 less than Brent's price.


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