Oil: our revenues amounted to 5.4 billion dollars over the past month.


Economy news Baghdad:

The oil Ministry announced Thursday that oil revenues over the past month more than 5.4 billion dollars through export of 103.7 million barrels.

He said the oil Ministry spokesman, Asim Jihad, in a press release received news economy "that" the amount of crude oil exports amounted to over 103 million and 730 1, 680 barrels ", stating that" revenues amounted to more than 5 billion and 455 million and $684.

He noted that "total quantities exported from last October month crude oil fields in Central and southern Iraq turned over (103) million and (730) alpha (640) a barrel, while the statistical record exports from Kirkuk."

The daily average for total exports (3) million and (348) a barrel, "indicating that" the average price per barrel attained (52,595) dollars. "