Iraq is the fourth largest regional beneficiary of international monetary

25/10/2017 12:41 | Number of readings: 108

Trend Press / Amman

The Middle East Technical Assistance Center of the International Monetary Fund ranked Iraq fourth in the region as the largest recipient of technical assistance and technical advice in the macro-economic and financial management fields. "

Iraq ranked fourth after Lebanon and Jordan, according to data center, by the acquisition of 10.4 percent of the total technical assistance for the fiscal year 2017.

Sudan ranked first with 13.1 percent of total technical assistance, followed by Jordan with 12.1 percent, Lebanon with 10.6 percent, Iraq with 10.4 percent and Egypt with 10.2 percent.

The Center provides assistance to build capacity, facilitate the reform process in Member States and support the region's engagement in the global economy, along with helping build institutional capacity to improve fiscal and fiscal management and addressing funding needs through a funding program in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund.